• 1 July 2017

    2017: The Colour of Magic

    The magician to be admired.
    It's on the cards you see!.
    Conceptualize and be prepared.
    To get the illusion just right.

    The horseman to be honored..

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    • 2 Jul 2016

    2016: The Leader of The Pack

    We're smiling because it's styling.
    It's on the cards you see!.
    Show your ensemble so beguiling,
    At Greyville Racecourse you'll be.

    All the winners are in the racecard, by the way,.....

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    • 4 Jul 2015

    2015: The Captains Table

    The anticipation mounts, the crew are prepped and ready.
    The passengers are welcomed, the excitement... yes, it's heady.

    The cruise ship's mighty horn booms, we're off on our way.....

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    • 5 Jul 2015

    2014: The Big Screen

    Life's a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.
    So here's a chic suggestion, it's one you'll love, we bet.

    Now this is an offer, you simply can't refuse...

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    • 6 Jul 2013

    2013: Posh? Oh my gosh!

    It's classy this year so mind your P's and Q's.
    To give you direction, here are a few clues.

    Have a look at Ascot, so proper so right...

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    • 7 Jul 2012
    A Material World

    2012: A Material World?

    Seven billion people, the latest count.
    Concern for the planet, the energies mount.

    This event is red, that’s for sure.

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    • 2 Jul 2011
    A Royal Affair

    2011: A Royal Affair

    You’re on the red carpet, what will you wear?
    No question about it, it’s a style love affair.

    Not pompous but grand. What’s on your mind....

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    • 31 Jul 2010
    It's a Blooming Great Day

    2010: It's a Blooming Great Day

    Plant a seed of good fortune,
    In the garden of your mind.
    Gather design, reap style....

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    • 4 Jul 2009
    Games People Play

    2009: Games People Play

    Play the game in your mind,
    Don’t let your thoughts be confined,
    Once your strategies been defined....

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