The Theme for The 2024 Durban July is "Ride the Wave"

2024 theme was released on the 20 March 2024 - Ride the wave

Durban July Theme 2024: Ride the Wave

A wave builds like the arched neck,
Of a horse with a free flowing main.
Gravity takes over as the wave gushes forward,
In any eruption of foaming champagne.

Pressed white breeches and brightly coloured silks,
Mirror a tapestry of towels on the beach.
Marvel at the power of nature,
It leaves one in awe, beyond speech.

18 Thoroughbreds launch from the start,
Like a wave racing towards the shore.
Jockey's jostle for early position,
Each striving for more and more.

As the crowd urges their fancies on,
With each stride the horses draw near.
The roar from the stands echoes the roar of the waves,
As they jump, shout and cheer.
The latest champion is crowned,
A wave of new sensations found.
As the sun sets low, there’s still time to play,
It's Hollywoodbets Durban July day.