• 7 July 2018

    2018 theme: IT IS TIME

    ...Years of Planning
    ...Months of preparation
    ...Weeks of sharpening
    ...Hours of tension
    ...Minutes of anguish
    ...Seconds of panic
    ...a race against time!

    A hundred and tewenty-two years,
    To this extraordinary day,
    An occasion for celebration,
    Camaraderie and play.

    A national hero,
    The winner will be,
    A champion forever,
    An equine VIP.

    The fashion is timeless,
    Explore a watch face,
    Understated or classic,
    Or detailed like lace.

    The buzz of excitement,
    You might ask why!
    Twenty past four,
    First Saturday of July.

    Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event
    The Vodacom Durban July.

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