• 2 July 2016

    The Leader of The Pack

    We're smiling because it's styling,
    It's on the cards you see!
    Show your ensemble so beguiling,
    At Greyville Racecourse you'll be.

    All the winners are in the racecard, by the way,
    But for many, it's the fashion card they'll play.
    So to make it more interesting for you,
    The four iconic suits may give you a clue.

    Horseracing is a passionate sport,
    With participation from the HEART.
    So Spread the love, show your hand,
    Your creation, state of the art.

    It's fashion finesse in SPADES,
    And good taste and flair we need.
    So hold the jokers, the wild card too,
    Absolute class will succeed.

    Club hopping is a growing trend,
    At this great event we know.
    So Join the CLUB, it's a big deal,
    The best outfit on show.

    The final flush to your creation,
    DIAMONDS are forever they say,
    So add a touch of glitz,
    To take the style bouquet.

    Whatever suit of cards you wear,
    Take the inside track,
    It's the "styling" card that you should play,
    To be the Leader of the Pack.

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