• 4 July 2015

    The Captains Table

    The anticipation mounts, the crew are prepped and ready.
    The passengers are welcomed, the excitement... yes, it's heady.

    The cruise ship's mighty horn booms, we're off on our way.
    We jostle for position, to enjoy this thrill packed day.

    We'll party with old friends, maybe make some new.
    Dress posh to impress, who knows who we'll bump into!

    But what we're really after, the ultimate it seems.
    The exclusive gilt-edged invite, the one you see in dreams.

    The era is irrelevant, it's always been the same.
    When one's invited to The Captains Table, one has to up one's game.

    Dress is all important, whether you be King or Queen.
    You'll feel like celebrity, the place to see....and be seen.

    Crystal and silver will shine, splendid food and fine wine.
    The Vodacom Durban July - a massive ship, sail with us, enjoy the trip.

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