• 2 July 2011

    A Royal Affair

    You’re on the red carpet, what will you wear?
    No question about it, it’s a style love affair.

    Not pompous but grand. What’s on your mind?
    A surprise, anticipation, one of a kind.

    A princess with poise, elegance and grace.
    A prince dressed to thrill, to win not to place.

    Fine fabrics that flow, luxurious no doubt.
    Adornments that glow, desire to stand out.

    The Kings of the Sport, in their finery fair.
    Trooping their colours, beyond compare.

    The Sport of the People, it’s all about smart.
    No matter your outfit, you must look the part.

    Then the King of Bling, the court jester supreme.
    And the Queen of Gleam, she looks a scream.

    Fascinators or crowns, or a stunning hat.
    Watch from your throne, think about that!

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