• 31 July 2010

    It's a Blooming Great Day

    Plant a seed of good fortune,
    In the garden of your mind.
    Gather design, reap style,
    Till it’s one of a kind.

    Take a chance on wild,
    Exotic if you must.
    The flowers of our land,
    Sub-tropical or dust.

    A mixed bouquet,
    In the early light of day.
    Or maybe one brilliant bud,
    Standing proud is the way.

    Indigenous is ingenious,
    A good bet to be seen.
    Recycling’s one way,
    Another is ‘think green’.

    In a garden of colour,
    One contest stands high.
    A blooming great race,
    The Vodacom Durban July.

    The Vodacom Durban July
    Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event

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