• 4 July 2010

    Games People Play

    Play the game in your mind,
    Don’t let your thoughts be confined,
    Once your strategies been defined,
    Your plan of action will unfold.

    It’s on the table you will make your play,
    Cut your cloth and lead astray,
    Show the masterpiece on the day,
    The thrill of winning to behold.

    The stark elegance of black and white,
    On the chess board that invite,
    Backgammon, Solitaire delight,
    Result beyond any doubt.

    The rich colours of the King and Queen,
    It’s on the cards that you must seen,
    Show your hand and cause a scene,
    Winning’s what it’s all about.

    Maybe daring – don’t follow suit,
    Drip in diamonds, bling so cute,
    Colours of the heart astute,
    Or dazzle in club glitz.

    Then it’s the joker in the pack,
    A different angle of attack,
    Do what you like – don’t hold back,
    The game’s a battle of wits.

    Mlabalaba, dominoes,
    Rummy, bridge whatever goes,
    You’ll be playing with friends and foes,
    But play it your way.

    Any game that you embrace,
    Create, produce, want first place,
    Remember to play your ace,
    On Vodacom Durban July Day.

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